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The Brand New Release

"Ro Pushed Back" is part of  "The King of Gravesend" Universe.  It follows Ro's adventures as she deals with the loss of her Husband, Chuds Douglas, and her ownership of the businesses that she helped him build.   She starts a whole new relationship with, and marries, her Philippines Manager Angel and together they start to build their businesses stronger and better.  

However a right wing, would be politician who is trying to start a grass-roots movement picks on her and her friend Marti (a trans-woman) as part of his anti-LGBTQA+  and anti-immigrant agenda - he picked on the wrong woman.  

When Ro gets pushed - SHE PUSHES BACK!   This page turning novel will have you crying, cheering and laughing.    Check it out on Amazon Here

I've been working on a new marketing strategy that involves creating a couple of very basic apps, one for each book series.  

The apps display a web viewer that shows a hidden page on the book's site that will feature unique content that can be changed frequently.  

There are also a couple of buttons, one of which will take the user to Amazon and the other to the full website (so they don't have to open a phone browser, or type in the url, the site will just load for them on their phone or tablet).

The content will vary from Chapter Excerpts, Artwork, Dialogue samples or even short stories that are published outside of the books themselves, as is the case with the first version of the Timeliness App which features a whole short story from Ripples Collide.

Currently the Apps are for Android devices only and are not yet available on the Play Store, but I hope to change that soon.

You can download the Apps from each book's site or by clicking the icons below.  This will take you to Amazon where you can download the apps for free and then enjoy them on your Android phone or tablet.

Changing Up The Covers

I published "Timeliness" in November 2021 - I was poor, not just on a limited income but practically speaking on no income. We were locked down in the Philippines, our shop was closed because of the pandemic and I had no resources to get someone to design a cover.  

I also didn't really understand how important  cover design is.  I finished the other 2 books in the series within 3 months and drew on the same inspiration for the original covers, the use of wave diagrams and shadowy figures, but looking back I realized that they gave no indication of the books contents or even genre really.  

So I set about redesigning the covers from scratch. 

The new covers hint at the idea of something, or someone, being in two different places at the same time, or at least moving from one place to another.  They also feature a plot line from the book.  The pig, in fact, opens "Timeliness" in the experimental phase of Space and Time manipulation, and each new cover similarly uses a plot device from each novella.

I really like how they turned out.       

These are the original covers

Still a WIP (work in progress)

I haven't given upon this project yet.  And this is not going to be the final cover whenever ( or if ever) it gets ready to publish

I was really having fun with this book but at times it started to feel like it was edging to becoming offensive, so I decided to take a break from it.  It turned into quite a long break and I am very close to getting back to it. 

There are quite a lot of cultural differences between living in the West and in the Philippines,  I want the project to be useful but funny... 

So, it's back on the "slow burner".