King of Gravesend

These  sample chapters are from books in "The King of Gravesend" Series

The King of Gravesend is Bored Chapter 3.pdf

This is Chapter 3 from "The King of Gravesend is Bored!" which is the second book in "The King of Gravesend - The Trilogy."

I wanted to develop the nature of the relationship between Chuds and Ro, while also showing that the age difference may have an impact on what each thinks is acceptable in business.  I also wanted to underline how independent and  strong willed Ro is and how she is adapting to taking over the business interests of her Mum, Fat Mona.

The King is Dead Chapter 29.pdf

This is Chapter 29 of "The King of Gravesend is Dead" the third book in "The King of Gravesend -The Trilogy"

In this chapter things are coming to a head in Chuds attempt to nullify the ongoing threats to him and his business interests and to those that he loves.  He is following the maxim that sometimes you just have to give them what they want, even if that may be the last thing that you do.  

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